Escape From Camp Crazytown

When we last left our heroes, they had been captured by the vile Dragon Cult and were chained alongside other prisoners such as Leosin the half-elf, Unnamed Character Who Will Factor In Later, Doug, Trisha, Larry and Biff the Unfortunately Slow Gnome. The cleric had been able to free himself from his shackles and was left […]

Stupid Mobile Game; FFXIV Sale; Genetics Game Ideas

Stupid Mobile Game Yesterday my Twitter feed was innundated with repeated spam about how mobile developer Hipster Whale (/cringe) has earned over $1m through ads in their game Crossy Road. Yeah, that’s not too exciting, but the repeated beat-down of mentions made me curious: what’s this Crossy Road game? It’s Frogger meets Temple Run. You are an animal in […]

Diving Into The Gene Pool

So what we have here is my attempt at mapping out how the genetic flow works in this genetics test. I start out with what I’m calling the “progenitors”. These are 500 Organism class instances which represent creatures of the same “class”. A class is a type of creature, like “feline” or “canine”, that can only […]

Into The Dragon’s Den #AdventureCo #DND5E

Not the literal dragon’s den; we haven’t gotten quite that far, although you know in a module entitled “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” that there’ll be a showdown with dragons at some point. We’d been on hiatus from our campaign for quite some time due to the holiday schedule and erratic results of adulthood, so […]