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Before he left the table, the ranger was approached by another dwarf (the ship stockpiles dwarves for use as flotation devices) who simply gave him a sealed letter emblazoned with the letter “G” before vanishing into the crowd.

*   *   *

The RP interlude continues with the party relaxing on The Serpent’s Tail as it wends it’s way down-river towards Baldur’s Gate. We were down by one player this time (technically, two players, since we’re still looking for a fifth to fill the “cursed party member” roll), so the remaining party members seemed eager to take it easy and just roll with the scene.

I liked the idea of the bard playing with the orchestra, since the fighter was getting her own mini-story as part of this sideboard. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that this was the correct crowd to approach with a herdy-gerdy and a song of pastoral brutality at the hands of a crazed dragon cult. This is a more…refined audience. The whole affair with the kobold costume came out of left field, and was dealt with appropriately if I do say so myself (and I do).

That Angusstun didn’t warm to the sales pitch could have gone differently. The players know they must sign up with a caravan, once they know where the dragon cult is and where it’s headed, and kudos to the party for being pro-active in this regard. But in terms of the immediate situation, it didn’t seem right that an apparently well-to-do group would be soliciting employment as kaufen sell-swords unless they were bored trust-fund kids who got a kick out of the danger of life on the road. Still, Angusstun could have easily just accepted the party at their word, and it would have ended up as a massive shortcut in the presentation of Baldur’s Gate. I did give the players a run-down of the situation in the city, though, with the porters ferrying goods through the city and the difficult situation caravans have to deal with.

The note was me remembering that there was another plot on-going that’s going to need some kind of better resolution (or temporary resolution). Unfortunately, the fighter player had to leave suddenly to deal with a sick child and wasn’t actually aware that this has happened.

Next time, the boat ride should conclude, and the players will be introduced to Baldur’s Gate.