Slipping In Through The Side Door

Slipping In Through The Side Door

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware that I’ve gone back on my word (if you remember my word).

I closed Levelcapped a few months ago because I was tired of blogging for a specific community. As usual, the tone of my posts was trending towards the negative, or at least the defeatist. Although most of my posts were basically variations on “why does this community hate itself so much?”, dwelling in the darkness of such questions ends up making me part of that darkness, and I didn’t want to go out of my way to put effort into being that. There are bloggers out there who were much more chipper than I was, so my work was essentially self-defeating.

Then I started this “In The Car” video blog series. I record myself during my commute to and from work, offering a monologue about different topics (something I was doing anyway, to the amusement of other commuters). People responded positively to that when I put them on YouTube, so I kept at it, even when I was at a loss for topics I was willing to record and post.

But I kept blogging over at my other site. I didn’t want to let go of the act of setting down paragraphs. It’s somewhat easier to write than to record a video on the fly and within a set number of minutes. Splitting time between the two, I found that sometimes I’d write about something and then not want to record the same thing, or vice versa. What I needed, then, was a way to merge the two platforms so that they compliment one another.

A good friend suggested this, and since I want to keep my other blog apart from the topics covered in In The Car, I figured that bringing Levelcapped out of it’s short stay in mothballs was probably the only option I’d consider. However, it has to be a part of the whole package. I’m not given to ranting on the video — there’s something about having to watch yourself being a frothy-mouthed asshole which kind of negates the rage, IMO — and if the post compliments the video, then posts should remain on the up and up. I’ve pretty much given up trying to help save this community through the written word; it’ll sink or swim on it’s own, as nature intended, so I might as well use this space for something I’m enjoying rather than as a bully-pulpit.

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  1. Belghast says:

    Happy to see Levelcapped is back 🙂

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