At The Speed of Blogging

At The Speed of Blogging

The content of a blog is important. Writing about a popular game will certainly get some Google results in front of eyeballs, and being a source of useful and insightful info on a game will help to get return readership. General blogs a a bit more tricky, as they tend to shotgun the author’s current interest onto the page, so a regular readership never knows what the topic-du-jour is going to be, whether it’s interesting to them, or something they really don’t care much about.

What’s also important is the delivery window, and that’s a question I have for people who read blogs: what day, time, and frequency is best for you?

Some people have amazing stamina that allows them to post excellent posts every day. Some people build up their momentum and unleash a torrent of verbiage when they’re fit to burst. Others are more casual, opting to produce content when the spirit moves them. I’m thinking of going back to my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 AM EDT schedule which worked well for me, but for any blogger, it’s difficult to determine if their writing schedule is a good fit for a wide audience.

When do you read blogs? Do you keep an RSS feed, checked daily at a specific time (or multiple times per day)? Do you rely on notices in your social media stream to “remind you” to visit a blog? Do you block off some time during the day to make the rounds of the blogs you bookmark? And how often is too often, or how little is not often enough for your interests?

4 Responses to “At The Speed of Blogging”

  1. stargrace says:

    All of the above. I use an RSS (feedly) which I check throughout the day while I’m at work. If I see a particular post that I don’t subscribe to, but interests me on social media, I’ll click there and read it. I do it daily, but that’s mostly because it’s just habit. I don’t often comment (what blogger does) but I always read.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I use Feedly, mostly at work. I’ll always have the page open in a tab and check it when I have lulls in my work…. like right now.

    Sometimes I’ll check it when at home, but generally when I’m there I’m more interested in playing a game if I ‘m at the computer rather than reading about them, so… mostly at work.

  3. Pete says:

    I check Feedly 6-8 times a day, but that’s mostly filled with ‘work’ sites. I save blogs like this one (or Stargraces) for when I have time and feel like reading what a friend has written, but because I don’t have them in Feedly I rely on seeing a post on Twitter or just remembering to come and check. So I dunno if that’s helpful or not. Feedly for me is a work tool and something I kind of resent. LOL

  4. I read them when someone links an interesting sounding topic on Twitter or other social media site. Sometimes I might click on previous articles by that person, again, if the topic or subject line grabs me.