The Best Time To Wear a Striped #SWTOR

The Best Time To Wear a Striped #SWTOR

Posted by on May 4, 2015 in Gaming

The Best Time To Wear a Striped #SWTOR

Is all the time…when they do their “12x the XP for story missions” gimmick.

Honestly, I don’t feel ashamed to admit that I am susceptible to hype. After watching the first official Star Wars: The Force Awakens (AKA Numero VII), and leading up to the “if Hallmark can make up stupid holidays, then May The Fourth can totally be a thing too” virus that’s going around Les Medias Social today, I wanted to get back to Star Wars: The Old Republic for two reasons.

First, it wore me out. Like WildstarSWTOR was one of those games everyone played, and then suddenly silenced. From a design perspective, I really hate SWTOR‘s zones: they’re WAY too large. It’s like questing in a football stadium. Everything seems placed for the sole purpose of making your route from point A to point B as difficult as possible. I left off on Nar Shaddaa, where I felt like I was playing a game of tower defense, dodging between specifically placed mobs that I just had to plow through in order to get to my destination.

But over time, I wasn’t satisfied with that outcome. SWTOR gave us something we’d been asking for in a lot of MMOs, which is a story. Like housing and meaningful guilds, story is something that’s generally an afterthought in MMOs, and since I’d seen so little of said story, I felt like I was missing out.

Second, that sweet, sweet 12x story XP. My inability to level to the cap is legendary (in my own mind). Being able to plow through the levels on the story missions alone is pretty appealing. Since the bonus is playing out through the summer, I might be able to level a few characters, assuming I can find the time.

Really, cases like this is why I wonder where my head is at most of the time. From a personality standpoint, I need the newness of an experience, which is why I tend to drop out of games mid-level in favor of a new game, and why my return to a previous game is usually predicated by the release of an expansion or update. All things being equal, I don’t hate SWTOR. I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but when I sit back with my feet up and just do what ever draws my gaze at the moment I have a good time. That and the fact that it seems like a massive segment of my social media follows got the same idea, providing a theoretical pool of over-eager space-jockeys who want to save the universe one last time, together.