Another Dimension

Another Dimension

Skylanders was big in my house. Disney Infinity was significantly less so. It was partly because we’d burned out on the spending on Skylanders, and partly because we’re not super-massive Disney fans.

When LEGO announced LEGO Dimensions, I thought it was pretty cool because who doesn’t love LEGO? People with no souls, that’s who. That you can build things (at least physically) to use in the game was a distracting bonus. But Dimensions is being made by Traveler’s Tales, who has been making all of the recent LEGO games, so not only do you get to play with the LEGO toys, but you get a never ending LEGO game in the vein that we all know and love.

I wasn’t sure if I’d buy into LEGO Dimensions because of the Skylander-Infinity parallel, but then I heard that there’d be a Simpsons set. And a Portal 2 set. And a Doctor Who set. So that kind of sealed that deal. Nothing will help usher in the collapse of the Universe like Homer Simpson with a portal gun in the TARDIS.

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