Micromanaging Your Economy

Micromanaging Your Economy

The recent blog entry on Crowfall talks about economics, specifically their monetary system. Pretty much every MMO/RPG uses some kind of in-game coin — often, many in game coins, which I really hate (especially event specific currency I’m talking to you RIFT).

Since Crowfall seems hell-bent on not doing anything the same way as anyone has ever done ever, their currency system is going to be…different. Like, you find raw ore and bang on it with a hammer and create coins. All currency is an inventory item, which means not only does it take up space, but when you die, people can take it from you.

Does this seem a little…overwrought to anyone else? On paper, having to mint your own cash sounds like an interesting mechanic, but to me it sounds like the designers are going way overboard to make their system different for difference’s sake. Keep in mind that this is just one system that players will need to contend with alongside many other systems, and if the designers opt to break down something as fundamental as currency into a player managed process, what else will they be looking to turn into an active task?


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