Automation in Tradewars 2002

Automation in Tradewars 2002

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Automation in Tradewars 2002

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So while scripting takes the tedium out of the old school method of playing, I’m not sure that it’s a bad thing. The game was designed to self-correct gregarious trade by forcing players to move about while stations restock. That encourages exploration. While on a higher level this also encourages “rotation” between trade pairs, having more people in the game could interrupt that rotation, adding chaos to the best laid plans.

Because this is a low population server (very low…currently me and one other player), I’m not super concerned about the ramifications of this kind of behavior. Even if all six concurrent player slots are active at once (although there’s room for 200 total players), I don’t think we’ll have any “famine” conditions. Right now it’s PvE, and the players are getting their asses kicked. Building up cash, upgrading, and fighting back against the AI is actually the core conceit of any modern MMO anyway.