Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Fantasy Grounds Style

Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Fantasy Grounds Style

Awwww yissss…Smiteworks announced earlier in the week that the D&D 5E module Hoard of the Dragon Queen was available for download for Fantasy Grounds. Of course I bought it immediately.

Since we’re running this module on Thursday nights, I figured that I could use the hyperlinked FG version as a reference. I had already set up a custom shell module for our gameplay, and had created some sideboard content there for the player’s boat trip to Baldur’s Gate.

The module itself is accessed from the Library > Modules screen, where it becomes available to load up like any Story element in FG. It also has all of the creatures, encounters, tables, all of the maps, and even tokens cribbed from the printed module. It even has some custom maps created by FG diety Zeus to fill in some places where WotC didn’t provide em.

Sadly, this is going to be a bastardized affair, as we’ve started the game with Roll20.net, and I think people have gotten used to it. I can at least move between the story more efficiently using the FG hyperlinked version, which should help speed things along during gameplay.

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