Mix And Match Genres; Caving on Price

Mix And Match Genres; Caving on Price

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Mix And Match Genres; Caving on Price

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I am a VIP. You may touch the hem of my robe (quickly, before my boss asks me why I’m wearing a robe to the office).

I suspect I’m not alone, though, in being a “VIP at GoG.com” which kind of negates the importance of the title. Still, I got an email from them yesterday, and I actually decided to look at it because it indicated savings within. I noticed there was a section advertising my exclusive VIP deals (which is apparently an actual thing with them for some reason; no idea how one obtains that status with them, but if it was granted to me it can’t be an exclusive club), so I clicked on it.

Now, I’ve been passively resisting The Witcher 3 not because of any real reason. I have other games to play, I have played W1 and W2, but never got past the 45 minute mark or so in either, and the last time I bought a game because of it’s Skyrim-ness — Dragon Age: Inquisition — I left it behind at the oh-so-thrilling “Val Royeaux palace dinner party segment”. I told myself that there were no stars that could align that would get me to jump on W3 until it was at a much lower price.

GoG’s VIP section had the game at a discount, bringing the price down to $37.99I happened to have $17 in my PayPal account at the time, which would cost me a grant total of $20.99 for the game. Hell, I figured that $20 would be the best price I’d see for the game between now and the Winter Steam Sale, so why not. And it gave me a legitimate reason to install GoG’s Galaxy download client, which people inexplicably don’t hate, despite wide spread self-reported loathing for all game library managers that Are Not Steam that the Internet seems to cop to when someone, somewhere, sneezes.

I have yet to actually play the game, though. The intro is on massive-ass cut-scene, interspersed with some thrilling horse riding, and the occasional need to pay attention so as not to get killed. I have to say that the keyboard and mouse control scheme is shit: it’s like piloting a cinder block on a sheet of ice. The controls are so sloppy that I feel I’m going to have to give it a try with a game pad to see if it feels more “natural” that way. I hope so; I could have done a lot of other things with that $20.99.