TESOMG! Putting The Training Wheels On

TESOMG! Putting The Training Wheels On

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TESOMG! Putting The Training Wheels On

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Because nothing says enjoyment like inviting repeated kicks to the crotch, my friends and I opted to jump back into Heroes of the Storm last night. We started out wondering if last week’s slaughter was a fluke, like solar flares or the popularity of Nutella, but also like Nutella, we found that we still suck.

On a whim, one of my friends suggested we try a custom game, and there we found that we could tweak the AI settings. We started all of the AI (even our own) at the lowest level possible, and then moved them up the ladder of difficulty with each match. We learned that we’re only good enough to take on AI who are set at levels below Adept, which is like saying we’re only competent enough to have conversations with third graders. Although we were buoyed by our stunning victories on the first two lowest difficulties, we were saddened that we didn’t get any benefit from playing a custom game. Of course, no XP or gold is awarded in this mode in order to prevent farming, so it looks like our only recourse is to return to the normal mode and subject ourselves to a firm beating in exchange for payout. So, kinda like getting a job.