The Hardest Decision To Make

The Hardest Decision To Make

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The Hardest Decision To Make

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  • Factions own control systems and influence exploited systems.
  • These systems generate control capital (CC) which is used to pay upkeep on these systems and to expand influence.
  • There’s three phases of controlling a new system:
    • Preparation: Players undertake actions in-line with their power’s Ethos, and vote on which prepared systems to expand.
    • Expansion: Players attempt to influence the system while other players attempt to thwart their expansion
    • Fortification: Players undertake actions to fortify the system, while other players attempt to undermine their fortification
  • Players earn merit points from participating in these phases. Merit determines the benefits players can claim from their powers, and how many votes they get during the preparation phase.
  • Powers can enter into CC debit and can be eliminated from the field if they lose control of enough systems due to an inability to pay the necessary CC upkeep.
  • Players can withdraw support and keep their goods, or defect, keeping their goods and some of their merit points.
    • Defection will earn a bounty from the previous faction lasting for a period commiserate with the amount of merit the player left with.

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