Reversal Of Fortune At #E32015

Reversal Of Fortune At #E32015

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Reversal Of Fortune At #E32015

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Just a few years ago people sunk their teeth into Microsoft’s exposed neck and refused to let go for weeks after E3 had ended, dogging the company across the Internet for their policy decisions. Sony sat back and laughed, secure in knowing that they had “won” E3 that year. Now the pendulum swings the other way. People are happy with Microsoft’s presentation, the titles that were announced, the show they put on, and the spectacle of their technology. Sony, on the other hand, seemed passive and content, like they took the stage after a Thankgiving feast and would have rather been on a couch watching football.

In the grand scheme of things, however, both presentations were pretty good in terms of content. Sony had a few more “updates” to titles we’ve been waiting for than Microsoft did, but Sony also had some tricks up it’s sleeve with The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII which mean a lot to some people. What goes up must come down, and while people are still scratching their heads over the Buy Zoloft Shenmue 3 affair, remember that Microsoft was on the losing end of E3 2014. The Internet likes expressing it’s snark but has a short attention span, and by this time next year we’ll have reset the scoreboard for E3 2016.

acheter amitriptyline Footnote: Obviously we don’t have Nintendo covered here. They’re traditionally scheduled apart from Microsoft and Sony, and Nintendo in general is often held apart from the other two simply because they’re Nintendo. People expect different things from Nintendo than they do from Sony and Microsoft, and are generally only considered to be “in contention” when they achieve a very high “wow” factor. In a nutshell, expect the usual: more talk about Amibo, additional teasers about the Legend of Zelda game, and social media lamenting over their favorite Nintendo games they wish the company would revisit.