When Hype Does Good

When Hype Does Good

Hype is one of those love/hate things. No one wants to feel pressured by PR, and there’s always someone in the wings muttering about “sheeple” under their breath, trying to make us feel bad for some petty and selfish reason. But we can’t help liking what we like, and it’s not something we should ever feel ashamed of. When the hype train rolls into the station, we’re all aboard for Funtown.

What I do feel ashamed about is lagging behind. I’ve written ad nauseum about my inability to finish games, my predilection to jump to new games, etc etc. That leaves a lot of incomplete journeys in my wake. Some of them I simply don’t feel bad about, like how I sat my only character in WoW in her mid 60s for the longest time, or any number of the seemingly millions of other MMOs I’ve played and never capped in and can’t remember at the time of this writing.

There’s a few, though, that really make me sad. The Secret WorldStar Trek Online. Guild Wars 2. I love those games, but I always drift away from them because Reasons. But every now and then something comes along — a video, news, an expansion — that makes me all excited to return.

I suspect that it’s the momentum of the social-sphere that helps. I watched the GW2‘s Heart of Thorns guild hall video this morning and when the pre-orders went live I jumped on it (the basic package…for now). That made me remember that my character still needs to complete her second season Living Story. It’s not mandatory, but GW2 is one of the few games with a level capped character (and the only legit leveling I’ve done — without instant-boosts or offline leveling), and I have an itch to continue with “completion” at this stage before the expansion arrives.

Often times I wish there was more hype, more momentum, surrounding some of these games because it’s proven to be a serious anchor for me. Hype is hype, though; it’s not the status quo, and if there was always something going on to keep the excitement high, it’d end up being the norm, and it’s the norm that I apparently have trouble with.

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  1. Confessions of a X-MMO addict: I was always extremely casual and MMO-ADD. GW2 is the only MMO I ever legitimately reached level-cap in.

    I really tried in Runes of Magic, but for the first 3 years of its life – the majority of my play time in it – the expansions(and level raises) kept coming too fast.

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