Being a Multiplatform House

Being a Multiplatform House

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Editorial

Being a Multiplatform House

I’m now back to the point where I’m in a multiplatform house. I’ve got my PC, my Xbox One, and my Playstion 4 (my daughter want’s a WiiU for  Splatoon, but unless she’s going to spend the money for it, it’s not in the cards), plus a test Windows 10 machine, a Playstation TV, and a Playstaion Vita. Also, a 3DSXL, but that’s kind of an outlier.

Choice is good! Choice is always good. Except when choice is bad. Not bad, per se, but at least overwhelming. First world problems, of course, but this blog isn’t dedicated to pressing economic, political, or religious issues, so what do you expect?

My time recently has been spent with the XB1. I’ve actually been having more luck getting people to play with on the XB1 than I think I have ever had on the PC, which is forehead-slapplingly strange considering 98% of the people I interact with are PC gamers (or so I am leading myself to believe). We just don’t play together, meaning “me” and “them”, although many of them play together so fine, be that way.

As a consequence, my time spent in front of the monitor has diminished. I’ve logged into Elite: Dangerous a few times, played a few practice rounds of Orcs Must Die! Unchained, checked my email, and…eh…that’s about all.

I don’t think I remember where I put the PS4. That is the far more worrisome part of all of this. I had been gung-ho about the Playstation early on, and bought several high profile games for it, like Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Diablo 3, and FarCry 4. But here’s where it gets tricky now that my house is full once again: when do I pick XB1 over PS4, or vice versa?

I have fewer games for the XB1, and they’re kind of one-trick ponies (another DestinyHalo: The Master Chief Collection), but I can get people to play with on the XB1 which increases satisfaction dramatically. When it comes time to consider a new game, how do I choose which platform to buy for?

In all honesty, I am considering turning in the PS4 unless I can find a way to “make it work” in the house at this point, but I feel that it involves sequestering myself in a corner to power through games I’ve kind of left off. I do consider that the current focus on the XB1 is a result of the fact that some of us are new to the platform, and that others are excited that they can use their XB1s with use newbies. Maybe in a few months everything will settle down in this regard and people will splinter again and the PS4 will come back into vogue, although with the release of Windows 10 and (in my experience) the far superior streaming abilities inherent in the update, the XB1 will continue to be the dominant console in the house.