Death Comes To Woodsville

Death Comes To Woodsville

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During dinner, the actual dragon cultists were pitching fits over their two missing compatriots, causing quite the stir in the camp. “Do you think those guys are dragon cultists?” Jemna asked. The party just shrugged. “They seem weird enough.”

*   *   *

Good times last night. We had a little combat (very little!) and a little RP. We’re getting very close to the end of this interminable caravan schtick, which I’m sure we’re all happy to hear.

The combat with Fantasy Grounds worked flawlessly. I set up the two cultists in an encounter, used one of the generic maps from the HotDQ module that Smiteworks thoughtfully provided as “extra”, added the players and the cultists to the map…and the players proceeded to simply destroy the targets with frightening efficiency. The drag and drop method of targeting and damage assignment made the encounter super-simple to handle and resolve.

Oddly enough, everything went down perfectly. The module is (once again) vague, offering only a framework to build upon, and the situations and resolutions seemed to work out perfectly. Everything that needed to happen, happened, and we left off at a good place.

I think next session will be the end of the road-trip, and hopefully we can get back into moving the actual plot down the road. That means I need to read up on what happens after the players reach their destination.