Discord, Your New VoIP App

Discord, Your New VoIP App

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And that’s it! Really.

The only downside that I’ve seen is that Discord servers are invite only. If you don’t have a link to a server, then you’re not getting into that server. There’s no discovery service that lets you “friend” anyone, and you can’t petition to join a server. It’s made a tad bit more difficult because the links you generate to give access to the server are randomly generated, and while you can view the invite codes you generate at any time, you can’t copy them once they’ve been generated, forcing you to type intelligible strings to your friends (caps matter, because of course they do).

I’ve since stopped paying for a TS server because Discord is so simple to use and is always available through a web browser (except IE, probably, because of course it’s not). There’s also an iOS and Android app for your chatting on the go, you social butterfly, you!


I am not affiliated with Discord, but I do like pimping services that I find to be useful and friendly.