Still Waiting; End of the Line; Revisitation

Still Waiting; End of the Line; Revisitation

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Except we really didn’t enjoy a few hours of lag-free gaming. We started off with the homemade Caribou, then started mixing specialty beers that we grabbed from a menu at The Holy Grail. After that, we played buy Strike Vector, and that was about it for community gaming, really. We spent some time playing Forza Horizon 2, and Rocket League on the consoles, but as far as a “LAN party” goes, it was mostly party, very little LAN.

I think this effectively signals the end of an era for our home-based LAN party. Our group hasn’t been playing much together recently, and that should have been a sign. Normally we play together every other Monday, but the summer brings interruptions to routines that makes it difficult to find a groove, and I don’t think there’s really a lot out there that we’re all interested in playing together. Some of us are playing Destiny on the XB1, but not everyone has an XB1. Some of us are playing other games on PC, or not at all.

We’re also not getting any younger. Back when LAN parties were the rage among the geekerati there was a movement to make PCs smaller and more compact by stuffing mini components into shoebox sized cases, but that’s kind of fallen by the wayside unless you’re creating a set top box. People have resigned themselves back to the old cinderblock high performance desktop, and while the monitors have thankfully been reduced in size, the PCs themselves aren’t getting any lighter. They’re redesigned to stay where they’re put, and not be carried around from desk to car and back again, not to mention the parsing of the rats nest of cables that needs to be dealt with when returning home.

I think I’m going to advocate that next year we forget the PCs. We’ll have consoles for anyone who wants that, but otherwise we can try tabletop gaming, or even just cards. And booze.

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Last Friday I had some coffee. Nothing special, right? I made enough to split the product into a mug in the morning, and have an iced coffee later in the day. When later in the day rolled around (about 3-4PM), I broke out the remainder and that was that.

Except…not exactly. I got really nervous. Really jittery. My head was swimming. Thinking that I should probably eat something, the family opted for Chinese food so I went out to pick it up. Sadly, that did little to cut the buzz. I figured I’d best try and lay down and see what happened.

Nothing happened. I got out of bed after laying there for a few hours and went downstairs to the PC at about 1am. The thing about starting something at 1am under these circumstances — being wide awake with no chance of sleep on the horizon — is that I know I have time, but no desire to start anything that I had installed. I noticed the GoG downloader listed there, so thought I’d revisit my library, and decided to install Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition. 

I’ve been watching the Sword Coast Legends livestream recaps where they’re showing off the campaign building features, and it’s made me remember the days I spent with the NWN toolset creating stories and working with the fantastic scripting system that powered the game. This time, though, I opted to just play the game; it’s one of the (millions) games I’d never completed, so why not?

On one hand, the game holds up well. Of course, it’s a product of it’s time, so the character models have more angles than curves (both male and female), but the gameplay is solid. Sometimes I get it in my head to play a game, and then once I start I realize that I don’t actually want to play that game, but I plowed through the intro up to the point where I had to head out into the city (2:30AM), and by that time I was feeling a bit tired. I had to consider whether or not to keep going for just a bit longer, or to use this as a natural stopping point. Considering I had taken Friday off to clean the house and set up for Saturday’s LAN party, I figured I’d best try and get some sleep.

I still haven’t fired up NWN since that morning, and it remains to be seen if I actually will go back to it again. I might; I should. NWN is in my top five games of all time, and I suppose that means I should give it a real shot with an eye towards completing it.