The End (Of My #Skyforge Service Saga)

The End (Of My #Skyforge Service Saga)

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Featured, Gaming

Sad-Obama1I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s happy to hear this, but my beef with customer service department has reached a bittersweet conclusion.

Monday night I initiated a dispute with PayPal because why not? I wasn’t getting any traction with the company’s official CS system. In the description for the resolution attempt I reiterated everything about the situation, from the purchase, to the realization of the mistake, to approaching a solution, and finally realizing that the situation was always getting closer but wasn’t actually trending towards any kind of resolution.

Yesterday afternoon I got an email on the ticket from stating that the CE would be applied “soon”. That was just another canned response in a list of canned responses that they’d been foisting on my since day one. “Here’s an email to show you that we’re actually here, but it’s really just a placeholder to shine you on. We’re not actually doing anything right now.” I had learned that “Soon” was their code for “kicking the can down the road”. They asked for feedback from me in order to process the ticket better. They passed it around to different service departments. I’m pretty sure everyone in their company saw the ticket, but no one had the desire to deal with it.

At that point I figured I’d log into the Community site of the Skyforge website because you can get info on your character through there. If they had applied the CE, it might show in some capacity. Oddly enough, I found I had 20,000 Argent gems in my account. That’s what you get with the CE, so I logged into the game itself. I had a crate of goods, a license of a moah mount, and the Premium seal was lit. I had to calculate the time period, though; Since it had taken a full one quarter of the Premium time frame to get this resolved, were they screwing me out of the that two weeks? They didn’t. I had the full 60 days. The “Soon” email was the last response I got from them. That I realized that the work had finally been done was because I thought to look. If I had been sitting around waiting for them to let me know that the transfer had actually completed, we’d be having a different conversation right now. continued to fumble the ball, even after the crowds left the stadium.

As I’ve started before, I’m not a hardass. I don’t see things in black and white, but while I understand that running a service can be chaotic across the board, the level of service in this case was significantly below even the worst estimates anyone could come up with. Now that it’s actually resolved, where do we go from here? It could certainly be one of those cases you see on the Internet where hordes of people call for everyone to “vote with their wallets” — which I plan on doing going forward — but the trouble is that right now, I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for. All’s well that ends well? I’m not going to walk away from the purchase, especially since I still love the game. I thought about it, though, but that would just hurt me. This company has my money, and they’ve demonstrated that they really don’t care what their customers do outside of that fact.

I can’t forgive for their disinterest in their customer base, so I certainly won’t be spending any more money on this game. But I can now actually get around to enjoying the game with the benefits I paid for. To me, that’s a wash.