Come to Me, My Minions

Come to Me, My Minions

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Featured, Gaming


Last night I ended up working on some of the missions I had going on. One of them was a storyline mission, and the other was a request from Herida.

I opted to start with Herida’s mission, because I knew I was close to unlocking my Order, which is my personal retinue of Adepts and worshipers, and I thought that this mission might be the one I needed in order to do that. I had to travel to the Saiban Archipelago to track down a grounded airship. The Archipelago is filled with mechanoids and secutors, rogue robots that are the only living thing on the islands of the region (apparently). The mission was listed as “impossible”, but I took that as a suggestion and not as a rule. I did OK until I got to the 2/3 boss, a heavy secutor that generates minions and fires a steady beam weapon for a few seconds that I have to avoid. I had already done this zone, so I knew the situation, but for some reason this second boss just kicked my ass. Twice. So I jumped out and reset the instance to “Very Easy”. I was just interested in finding the airship for Herida, but ended up completing the zone again anyway.

The story mission sent me back to Ardos Monastery, a flooded ruin taken over by the Army of Seas, a kind of “Deep One” race of fish people and pissed off mermaids. My goal there was to find information about Laertes — aka, the “Gravedigger” — who rejected godhood for reasons unknown. I didn’t pull the Impossible straw this time; I didn’t get my Order notice after the first mission, so I figured I had to be close. Really close.

And I was! After swapping out some gear for more prestigious gear Herida DM’d me that she needed to pat me on the back and ship me off to the Hall of Greatness to talk to some dude in a Pope-hat. He laid out the whole deal, which let me uncover my statue and hire my first Adept to do my bidding.

Orders are like…kinda like the duty officer system in Star Trek Online, the crafting companions in SWTOR, and also like the garrison system in World of Warcraft. You have slots which you fill with adepts of different classes like Templars, Engineers, and Sorcerers. You send them on missions to get them XP and to collect resources that are needed to fund other missions of higher rank. I think it’s a cool system, though. I like minion management segments, especially since I can do it from the field. Missions can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to up to eight hours, with the cost and reward appropriately assigned.

The thing about Skyforge is that they’re currency-happy (which is pretty much every MMO, actually). There’s a lot of management aspects to an Order because you can build temples in different regions that can grant you buffs, but you need to unlock them (with a currency) and upgrade them (with a currency) and build up your coffers (of currency) by sending Adepts out into the world (to collect currency) and leveling them up (with currency). I sat through the “tutorial”, but I’ll be damned if I could figure it out if there were a test on it tonight.