NPC Traffic Patterns

NPC Traffic Patterns

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If you watch the video, you may notice a few issues:

  1. The cops follow the same patrol route. This isn’t normal; for some reason, I lucked out during the recording that the cops happened to get the same roll of the dice when it came to choosing their patrol nodes.
  2. The cops “bounce” off the hull of their nodes. This is because unlike merchants and miners, the police use a straight proximity check that’s a bit too restrictive. I need them to turn when they’re further out, but I need to ensure that other NPCs don’t trigger it before they trigger the trigger — meaning the invisible trigger sphere that handles docking, jumping, and mining for NPCs who are into those things.
  3. The crappy “animations”. The cops turn like they’re driving light-cycles from Tron. I may have painted myself into an amateur’s corner with the way I’m doing movement which will cause issues for me when I try to get them to turn sooner and smoother, so you might hear a lot of swearing in the future.
  4. One of the miners doesn’t want to go back to work. I suspect it’s because this guy didn’t quite make it into the trigger sphere that would have set his work schedule, so I have to look at that. It’s probably related to problem #2.