Uh Oh #Wildstar

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Gaming

housing4I kind of wanted to leave this here for posterity, because in five years if someone comes looking for me, I wanted this to be my letter in a bottle.

Upon my return to Wildstar this weekend, I finally leveled my Aurin Esper to the point where she could get her housing plot. That’s a major milestone my my reckoning, because unlike some games which offer you land, you can actually use it.

Back when Widlstar first launched I liked housing OK. I upgraded my pre-order spaceship house to a better Chua model (for my original Chua Gunslinger) and added some interactive plots for mining and crafting and all that. But everything I had was pretty much eclectic when it came to decor. Anything that I got as a reward that was a housing item was placed, but not necessarily well placed. Overall, I liked housing, but wasn’t floored (!) by it.

Fast forward to now. When I unlocked housing I was extremely happy because at least I could get the XP buff board access, and because I had a lot of stuff in my bank that I needed to activate (side note: Carbine should allow us to “collect” housing items before we get the housing, because as of right now they clutter up inventory and we can’t do anything with them until we can actually use them).

So I got to my plot and it looked like the plot I remembered. I bought the Aurin house because Aurins would live in Aurin houses, and placed some of my crated items.

Then I looked at the shop and my face slid off my skull.

Now, I might be mistaken, but I swear that it used to be that you’d have to earn your decor for the most part. There was a shop even back then, but it focused mostly on “high level” items like housing styles, wallpaper, floors, plot plug-ins…that kind of thing.

I almost cried when I saw that they were selling items down to the friggin nail and screw* that you could buy outright for your dream plot setup. From the looks of things (I didn’t look for very long lest I succumb to madness), you can spend an unfathomable amount of (in game) cash buying elements that you need to construct a very specific setup as many amazing people do.

Being only a…eh…I think level 14 character, that’s pretty much out of reach…sort of. I mean, with that kind of freedom I have no idea what kind of theme I’d approach. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and in this case that way is called C.R.E.D.D., which is Wildstar‘s “buy for real money, sell for in game money” vehicle. Right now a $20 C.R.E.D.D. purchase can net you 19 platinum, which is scores more cash than I’d earn at my current level. But that’s a market valuation, and a brief survey on Twitter suggested that once the game transitions to F2P and there’s an influx of penniless players, there won’t be enough people able to buy C.R.E.D.D. with in-game cash, so the price might take a nose-dive if there’s too much supply and not enough demand.

That’s why I spent the $20 to get a C.R.E.D.D. card this weekend because…you know…having cash on hand is always a good thing in case you need some supplies or…housing…stuff. Jussayinsall.


* Not really nails and screws. Those would be too small to see. But mostly everything else you’ll need to create awesome housing plots.