Unreal Tournament; Development Updates

Unreal Tournament; Development Updates


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When last we left the project, though, I was working on the pricing mechanism, and if I remember correctly it was working pretty much as intended. I do recall there being some flaws that I needed to address so that I could enact a test whereby I’d buy at one local station, fly to another local station, and sell the goods there for a profit. Being a victim of my own success, though, buying at one station and having the other station to sell to isn’t a guaranteee; I don’t know the buy/sell state until I get to the destination station, which is by design. I should make a mental note to create some kind of UI that will list the buy/sell status of all stations in the sector.

I’ve also managed to score a Blender course from Udemy.com, an awesome site for all kinds of tutorials. This class is from the same folks who created an absolutely mammoth Unity development course on the site, and I highly recommend both for folks who are new to either Unity or Blender (or both). I was spurred back to Blender after attending the high school’s annual open house. My daughter took a 3D modeling course at Harvard University this summer, and has a 3D modeling course at the high school this year. Both used Maya (and we have the free, three year student license for home use), so I figured that we could work at learning the basic modeling techniques together. Oddly enough, her semester project in the class is to create a space ship; I just happen to need a space ship for Project Universe. What are the odds?