Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Gaming

loppI am looking forward to Wildstar‘s switch-throwing F2P conversion, although not ‘staying up till midnight’ level of excited. I really do like WS, it’s in my top 10 MMOs of all time, but like most games these days I rarely get so hyped to the point where I feel actually affected by shifts of any size. I plan on continuing my sub to WS, at least until I see if the benefits are worthwhile. Right now, it’s the only sub game I have going on, and while I’ve grown uncomfortable with sub-based games, I like WS enough to pay for it.

There are no plans on my horizon to re-roll and start over. I haven’t even gotten to level 20 on my current main, and my highest character is only level 25; starting over is a longevity exercise for those who have a stable of capped alts, but for me it’s a horrible thing to contemplate.

Thus concludes the shortest post I have ever written.