Try Not; Do, Or Do Not

Try Not; Do, Or Do Not

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Games, Gaming


So, I have to write a bit of a retraction regarding yesterday’s post.

Every Monday, I get together with my friends either online or in person, and when it’s online we dedicate time away from the demands of the families and other responsibilities so we can play something together (or just shoot the shit on Discord). With Star Wars Battlefront having extended it’s preview period by a day, we agreed that this would be a good use of our time. Usually betas and previews only last until Sunday evening, so having this one available on Monday was quite a surprise.

Despite my prose-rage over the game, I reinstalled it on the PC so I could play with friends. This time around, something clicked, which is extremely weird considering I’m not the only one who felt this way after a second look.

We ran through the co-op mission again, and it was the same as it ever was. Then we hit up the Drop Pod scenario. After that, we hit up Hoth. Then back to the Drop Pods. Then back to Hoth. You know, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad this time as it had been the first time, although I can’t figure that there was anything really different about the situation. Having friends around was a plus, of course, but performance-wise, I did pretty damn good during the initial scenarios (although I slid significantly in the rankings as time went on). Overall, I think I enjoy the Drop Pod scenario more than the Hoth scenario because the map is smaller, and the objectives are easier to ascertain and track. Make no mistake: the Hoth battle is pretty spectacular, and nails the Star Wars aesthetics, but turns out the size of the map and the need to run everywhere was tiring, and in one match I just camped a cliff face and sniped at rebels who poured out of their base. I was That Guy.

Still, I don’t think I’m going to spend $60 on this game because at the end of the day, there are games that I consider far more enticing than the lobby-shooter aspects that Star Wars Battlefront brings. If it’s on sale, then yeah, I’ll absolutely pick it up because I suspect my friends will have bought it long before then, and it’s a pretty good Monday night game.