Friendship Is Magic (In Team Based Shooters)

Friendship Is Magic (In Team Based Shooters)


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Instead, friends help friends overcome the reticence to try. Sucking at something alone is difficult; sucking at something with friends makes it less terrible. And think about how we behave when we’re alone compared to how we behave when we’re with friends. Alone, we’re probably more reserved and less willing to stand out. In a herd of friends, we’re looser and easy-going, and generally care less about how people see us. If that’s not your personal experience, just go to wherever teenagers hang out in your town or city and you’ll see that herd mentality in action.

When I originally tried SWB alone, my opinion was unfavorable. When I tried it with friends, my opinion changed significantly because having friends around helped me overcome the mental block that pretty much negated the original experience before I experienced it. Most of my time in game was spent focusing on myself and what I was doing, so while I had friends present, there wasn’t a lot of actual coordination. We followed one another, but there’s no reason we couldn’t have followed random people we didn’t know, paring up without any communication at all. I tried the different modes, and each time we won (and we won a whole lot), it wasn’t because it was Team Chris; it was my friend, myself, and a whole bunch of people on the same team who were just doing what they had to do.