Extra Life 2015 Recap

I enjoy participating in the Extra Life event, in as much as I am able: I’ve not pulled a full 24 hour shift, and I’m not sure that I could, especially these days where I’m spending less time playing games than I ever have in the past. But I think I’m at that age when I’m slowly settling into “myself” and the groove where my needs and wants are taken care of, and have been wanting to “do more” for others both to help out, and to get an additional level of fulfillment for myself in the knowledge that I’m “making a difference” for someone who doesn’t work at Steam, Xbox, or Playstation Headquarters.

This year I’d set my personal goal at $500 after having reached over $400 last year. Sadly, I didn’t hit my goal, but I still managed to raise almost $400 for the Boston Children’s Hospital, so there’s no way I can complain!

Most of the donations I received were from family and — oddly enough — my wife’s co-workers. She spreads the email around her small office, and the folks there are usually generous. Facebook, as usual, turned out to be a real disappointment. Aside from the wonderful folks I follow on other networks, the people I follow on Facebook are the kind of people who think that giving a Like actually helps people starving in Africa; their sense of social responsibility ends at the “share if you support our troops; ignore if you hate freedom” kind of posts. So, Facebook.

Although I had a four hour period to broadcast as part of the League of Extraordinary Rodents team (earning $555 out of a goal of $200 GO RODENTS!), I only played two games. I started off with Guild Wars 2 where I came in a bit late to help the Kamikaze Runners obtain the guild hall, but spent the rest of the time collecting materials to help upgrade it, and running guild missions to help the group gain the reputation it needed to improve. Unfortunately my system was choking on the process; I was getting CPU warnings from OBS while running the game, the streaming software, and the webpage I needed to keep an eye on any conversation that might be happening. That lead to a really jerky stream that I apologize for (and for the auto-play):

Watch live video from Scopique on www.twitch.tv

For the last hour, I started Call of Duty: Black Ops III which was the epitome of an impulse buy for me. I only played for the remainder of my time, at which point I had to allow my family to reclaim me for the rest of the evening. I was playing the game on the Xbox One and streaming from the console using the Xbox app on the PC, which was then re-streamed to Twitch via OBS. This video seems to be a lot better in terms of performance, though I can’t say why. Nothing else aside from the application I was using changed, which might actually be the culprit.

Watch live video from Scopique on www.twitch.tv

    • I think Those People make up 98% of Facebook users. Sad thing is, I actually SAW someone post that “love our troops/hate freedom” thing at some point in the past.