The Black Box

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Until the arrival of some comprehensive, soup-to-nuts learning experience that’s available and accessible to the masses (in terms of cost and time and convenience), the best I’ve been able to do is to find a problem, dissect it, and attempt to learn about it’s parts. Some would say that this is the best approach, but there’s still black boxes within black boxes. I can find some code online to make my NPC move, but when it starts laying into the geometry and other math, I get the sweats because I know I’ll have to dig deeper still in order to comprehend what’s really going on, and not just throw in someone else’s code that I can’t troubleshoot, tweak, or improve. Along the way I am learning, but it’s a slow process, and there’s always the sense that in focusing on solving the specific problem at hand, I’m not getting a real education on the whys and the hows that would allow me to consider my self “accomplished”, or to pass on my knowledge to someone else who’s in the same boat as I am. I’m just learning as much as I need to — copy, paste, execute, move on — but aren’t actually learning anything about the why things work the way they do.