Slow It Down, Bub

Slow It Down, Bub

Posted by on Dec 13, 2015 in Editorial, Featured

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My biggest problem when playing a game that has a progression mechanic is that in order for the game to retain my interest I need to feel — that means to my satisfaction, whether it’s levels, gear, social, or whatever — that I’m making some kind of progress. In order to make progress, I need to log in and “do stuff” that the game requires me to do in order to get those sweet dings.

This has bit me in the ass more times than I can recall, which is how my particular trail of bodies (read: games I’ve abandoned before completion) has grown over the years. Ideally when picking up a new game, the intent is to play through to whatever “end” it offers, but things tend to slow down for me around the mid-levels, mid-game, or whatever point I reach where I realize that the newness of the game has worn off, I’ve been playing it too often for it to present anything new and exciting, and I find something else I’d rather start for that rush of interest.

Playing Devilian now, I’m well aware of what I’ll call “Skyforge Syndrome”. If you recall, I played a lot of Skyforge when it released, and then had a really bad experience with their customer service which soured me on their whole platform. I actually never even played through the remainder of the time I purchased, so joke’s on me. But I also did play the hell out of it to the point where I was sick of it. That’s also one of the reasons why I abandon a game: too much, too soon.

I’m now trying to take Devilian slower than most games I play. I actually have the game running as I write this, since this realization came to me while running around one of the in-game cities. I have to not feel so compelled to just plow through for several hours each day (so I don’t get tired of the game), but I also have to not get sidetracked with screwing around (so I still see progress). Thankfully, Devilian is very much the kind of game where I can do that. Although it looks like Diablo at first blush, it’s really more like Marvel Heroes in many ways. That means I can jump in each day for an hour (which seems to be the minimum investment needed to GTD) but I don’t have to stay for any more than that…and I really shouldn’t if I want to maintain my interest in this game.

I’ll be writing up a Devilian centric post, hopefully for Monday, but I wanted to get this one out while I was thinking about it this weekend.