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Normally this would be where I make a crack about the three people not playing Devilian, but let’s skip that and agree that hyperbole is way overrated.

Devilian is an action RPG (“Arpig”) from Korea, smuggled to Western shores by Trion to reside under the banner of it’s Glyph content delivery service. At first glance, most folks (myself included) would see this game as an Eastern Diablo clone. It’s got the 3/4 perspective. It’s got gothic architecture. It’s got devils right there in the name. It even has grossly bloated zombies that explode when you kill them. After having played for a while, though, I personally consider Devilian closer to Marvel Heroes than Diablo.

Even though it’s an ARPG, Devilian is very much an MMO. It has quests that you pick up as you move through the map. There’s crafting, progression, guilds and dungeons and LFG tools. But it still plays like an ARPG. The zones are smaller and far more linear, and you can’t move three pixels without some enemy rushing towards you. The spawn rates are insane, making the act of lingering to deal with overflowing inventory a suicidal activity.

The best part about the game, though, is that even though the whole Diablo-Marvel Heroes parallel invokes nightmares for those who have repetitive strain injury, Devilian is very strain free. It is a click to move game, but you can easily just hold down the left mouse button to have your character follow the cursor. And since all attacks are handled through the use of the number keys on the keyboard, there’s no constant banging on buttons that would irritate conditions. After someone expressed this concern on G+, I made sure to try and use a few motions as possible to play the game, and it’s totally doable.

I suppose it’s not really a good sell that the “best” part of the game is that it won’t hurt you. If you like ARPGS, Devilian is a casual distraction from every-day life. Truth be told, it’s not a difficult game unless you pull far too much aggro. For me, that’s great, as I stated in yesterday’s post. The graphics are decent, although being Korean it suffers from “gender locked classes” and NSFW fashions. Neither of those really bother me at all, and if you can get beyond them yourself, then Devilian is a fun, free-to-play action game that should be good enough to fill those times when you don’t really know what you want to play.