On The Horizon

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Featured

Elite: Dangerous‘ first expansion Horizons launches today. I am excite.

I haven’t been playing a lot of Elite recently because my learned gripes still stand: there’s not a lot of reasons to do the things you’re able to do. I tried the Powerplay stuff but the travel times are just too long to be worthwhile, requiring commitments of time I just can’t make. I started using the EDDB sites to plot trade routes, but the monotony of travel has been getting to me (and because I seem to be way more interdictable recently than ever before, which is irritating). My inability to make money, then, is hampering my ability to upgrade my ship, which is one of the only goals in the game so far…hence my paralyzation.

Horizons allows ships to land on planets, visit planetary bases, drive around in SRVs, find wreckage and salvage it, and even mine on the planet surface for the upcoming Horizons 0.2Crafting due out at some point in the future. This is a new mechanic, and I love new mechanics. The trailer above makes me excited, although everyone says that the game plays nothing like this. Well, of course not; most games don’t play like their trailers, but I know that Elite is a long-game title, which means slow progress. Flying from point A to point B is not enough to hold my interest any longer, so I’m hoping that being able to land on planets, drive around, and discover stuff is going to help add a dimension that’s been lacking. Once the crafting aspect is added, I’m hoping that a lot of the game’s shortcomings are addressed, and that there’ll be more of an actual living world and less of a string of repetitive tasks to undertake towards a single-minded goal of more money for more money’s sake.