Being a Better Blogging Citizen in 2016

Being a Better Blogging Citizen in 2016

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Community

GoodCitizenshipAwardI have a confession: I don’t read blogs. I have a clarification: I don’t read that many blogs. I have a few that I read, but most of them seem to be updated As The Spirit Moves The Authors, which can be anywhere from daily to bi-annually, so I’m more or less beholden to finding out that something was posted via social media. With so few blogs on my plate, using a feed reader is a bit overkill, and with the general update schedule among the blogs I do read, opening the feed reader to see if there’s new content would be like opening the pantry door when hungry, over and over, and finding that there’s nothing magically appearing between checks. We’ve all done it.

In 2016, I want to fix this by reading more community blogs. Even the occasional blog. I prefer more generalist blogs, which seem to be fewer and far between amidst a vast and unending sea of World of Warcraft-focused blogs (which I have no interest in). Generalist blogs usually provide a wider array of games over time, and even touch on technology and non-gaming topics that I feel help me learn more about the person behind the keyboard. Obviously, I am biased in wanting to get out of a blog what I put into a blog.

If you’ve got any suggestions on blogs I should follow, let me know, because I want to be a better blogging citizen in 2016! And if you’re looking for other blogs to read, here’s part of my personal (very) short list.

Dragonchasers – Pete has been blogging here for quite some time, and as a former tech writer, he’s really good at crafting an insightful, well-written, and thorough post on gaming and technology.

MMOQuests – Stargrace has many years experience both as a gamer and as a community manager, and as a self-described “gaming nomad”, she covers a whole lot of genres and experiences.

Of Course I’ll Play It – Dusty works in the gaming industry and many of his more recent posts have been focusing on what it’s like to create your own game at home. He also covers his ongoing experiences with MMOs and other genres.

Tales of the Aggronaut – Belghast posts every friggin day, which means you’re going to get a massive grab-bag of topics, both game related and personally insightful.

There are some others which update even more infrequently which (sorry to say) I remember exist only when their authors Tweet about them, so their omission isn’t intentional; As stated, I don’t have a feed reader set up to catalog all of these blogs, although if I start to get suggestions, I’ll certainly do that.