Mechs of the Inner’s Fear

Mechs of the Inner’s Fear

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I played four matches this weekend, winning only one of them, but I had a good time. It wasn’t stress-free, as I was always expecting someone in each match to start firing off more then just a large laser or LRM battery. There was only one act of dickery, when a team member let everyone know someone was heading for our base — as they should! — and someone else responded with a pointless “so what?”. That made me sad, because that was the proof of the pudding: the game mode was irrelevant to that player, who seemingly only cared about his personal goals and to hell with the team. Had we lost that round, I wonder how that person would have reacted.

Even though I had a marginally good time, I am still always hesitant to jump into the random queue. Constant good-to-great matches (even when we lose) do not seem to build up to a comfortable level of confidence when one rude jerk can negate it all with a single directed or blanket insult to me or the team. I doubt anyone is purposefully playing half-assed, although admittedly not everyone is playing full-assed; some of us are still learning, or are still figuring out a strategy for our mechs, or aren’t running the loadouts that the community has min/maxed as the “required” build for that frame. Different people want to get different things from their game time — asshats included — which means that not everyone is going to be playing for the same reasons, or in the same way. Keeping our eyes on the prize for the game mode, playing to the best of our ability, and sometimes taking a back seat and letting someone else lead is the best approach, but you’ll never get the same performance out of people by being a dick to them as you would if you were actually as helpful in tone as might be your intention. I don’t want to be driven from this game (again) by people who put winning over being a decent human being, and I hope that I’m not expecting more than the Internet can provide in saying that.