Getting to Know You

No matter what kind of “voice” a blogger chooses for his or her blog, there’s always going to be an injection of personality in the posts. A question that occurred to me the other morning after reading the morning paper (i.e. my Feedly selection) is that I wonder how many people write about themselves as opposed to writing in regards to themselves, and then how many people prefer, have no preference, or dislike reading posts about the blogger’s on their gaming blogs?

“Writing about themselves” is when a blogger gives you direct access to his or her life. They’ll maybe write about non-gaming things like where they went, who they went with, or even offer deeper personal insights. “Writing in regards to themselves” is more like talking about personal opinions on games or even non-game related activities, which I think is really the default state of most personal blogs anyway.

Is hearing about people’s actual lives something that people look for in a blog? Is it something that will turn people off from a blog? In either case, why?

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  1. I do not differentiate between the two, nor have a preference. Both can either interest me, or turn me off. If something personal or otherwise doesn’t look interesting, I just skip to the next piece.

  2. Rog says:

    For me it’s about being on-topic. Time is limited and if I’m reading online it’s usually because of an interest. If a personal post still has a relation to the topic (games generally) then it’s just as interesting as any other post, or maybe even more interesting.

    That varies though if I feel close to the person. A bit of humanity is generally a good thing. =)

    • Scopique says:

      So would that “bit of humanity” be the opinion piece? Or just a smaller subset of an overall post that talks about more personal information sandwiched in between other topics of interest?

      • Rog says:

        I think it’s just over time you start to get more of a feeling of the person behind their words. I don’t know if it’s a true version of them, but yeah we all relate right? Until then, reading opinions can feel too personal, just like a stranger getting personal.

        So I guess how much you reveal yourself in a blog about a topic (MMOs, games or whatever) should depend on what you want to achieve. Is it popularity in a general sense? Then I think staying on topic works best. Unless you want to achieve popularity specifically from your personality, or a constructed, targeted personality you want to present, like say PewDiPie or AngryJoe.

        For most of us, being just ourselves I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an occasional opinion, but speaking for myself I know I’ve rubbed people the wrong way revealing political opinions especially. At the same time, I’m me and being personal is something I just feel compelled to at times.

        There’s a very human need to relate. To feel understood. Even in the smaller windows of ourselves that we present online. That alone may be why we blog, not for attention or popularity, but just to relate.

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