You Can’t Please Them All

You Can’t Please Them All

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You Can’t Please Them All

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Everyone who participated in the discussion on discussions seems to have some issue with at least one kind of discussion vehicle, so it’s apparently impossible to please everyone in this age of so many choices and personal preferences. Some folks don’t like commenting on blogs. Some folks on Twitter don’t like commenting on G+. A lot of people wouldn’t comment on a gaming blog that uses their Facebook profile.

Basically, I’m in a bind, caught between several camps who refuse a common method used to put the discussion where it can actually do the most good both for me as a content producer, and for the community engagement among readers, so I’ve had to make a decision that I feel will help the blog while hopefully still allowing people to maintain some of their preferred methods of engagement. I’ll say that it’s  Buy Zoloft definitely not ideal by any stretch, and it still won’t drive people to start commenting on my posts if they weren’t before, but it’s the only thing I can do short of not advertising my posts where people can see them in an effort to force them into the bottleneck of on-site commenting (which would just flat out piss some people off for good).

  1. Acquistare Lasix. Acquisto Furosemide Senza Prescrizione I added a Twitter widget to the sidebar. Of course, this will only show my Tweets and re-Tweets, so it’ll be up to me to surface any conversations so they can appear here.
  2. comprar propecia sin receta I’ve added a G+ comment plugin so that G+ comments show up on each post. I get most (read: pretty much all) of what comments I do get via Plus, so echoing them on the blog shows that yes, Virginia, there is engagment somewhere. So even if people don’t want to use that vehicle, they can see what other people are saying.
  3. comrar venta rulide Since I know people can be violently opposed to G+, I’ve left the original blog commenting system turned on as well, although format wise it’s kicked down below the G+ widget. I can’t do anything about that/don’t have the time/the WordPress chops to make it look any better, but on the off chance someone decides that he or she wants to leave a comment but doesn’t want to converse via Twitter or G+, the sold standby is ready and available.

I could blow the doors off the whole scenario and just load up with every comment system under the sun — Livefyre, Disqus, Facebook, etc — but everyone I talked to seemed to have options they prefer, options they’d consider, and options that would drive them off the grid if they were asked to use them. I’m limiting the options to those that I personally use, the ones that seem to actually generate conversation, and those which seem to get the most traction.

Again, none of this is ideal, but hopefully it’ll help people to participate more, and will show people that this site isn’t entirely a ghost-town.