The Value Of What We Do

The Value Of What We Do



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I searched for "enjoyment" and THIS is what I came up with, and I ain't even mad.

As far as entertainment is concerned, enjoyment is 100% in the eye of the beholder, although I think we’re easily swayed towards enjoyment when we are otherwise ambivalent about it. There’s no blueprint for universal enjoyment because we as consumers are imperfect beings; we like different things, so different approaches appeal to different people. Firewatch is not going to be enjoyable to all people who play it, and one of our ingrained consumerist tropes is that if we’re dissatisfied for any reason, we ask for a refund.

But that can’t possibly be the complete story behind those who might consider asking for their money back on Firewatch, right? I personally believe that gamer’s min/max culture might have something to do with it. Some folks may have enjoyed Firewatch a lot, but seeing limited replayability, figure that if they can get their $20 back then they could spend it elsewhere and double their enjoyment for half the price. Maybe that’s cynical, but hey…this is the Internet, and Deadpool is dominating the box office now, so “cynical” is hip right now, isn’t it?

Speaking of movies, that’s what really cements my agreement with Mr. Kuchera, because even though Firewatch may take 2 hours to complete, going to the movies nets you about the exact same bite of entertainment. a 2 hours game for $20 takes the same time for about the same price as going to see Deadpool and buying a tub of popcorn and a drink in most theaters across America. Maybe those people who want a refund on Firewatch should have skipped the game and just gone to the movies instead.