Adventure Co. Needs You!

Adventure Co. Needs You!

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Adventure Co., Tabletop and Board


I was going to write an amusing-to-me style recruitment post, but then realized that it might not convey the sense of gravitas that was required, so I’ll go the straightforward route instead.

comprar motrin Do You Want to Play Dungeons & Dragons?

We’re looking for comprar celebrex sin receta one to two additional players for our weekly D&D 5E group. We just wrapped up the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module and will be moving on to the next installment, Rise of Tiamat.

compra gabapentin Info & Requirements

comprar barato zerit We are looking for interested individuals who can commit to at least three weeks per month on average for two hours a week. 

Our sessions are fairly casual with a lot of humor. We do not “rules-lawyer”, preferring to put the experience of playing and enjoying the game and story over following the rules to the letter in the most esoteric ways possible.

Who Are You?

  • Long time D&D fans or are new to the game
  • Ability to work in a group
  • Strong sense of character — in-game character; personal character depends on alignment choice!
  • Wants to enjoy a guided narrative in the Forgotten Realms setting with a fun group!


If you’re interested in joining the party, contact @Scopique on Twitter, drop and email at cedarstreet at “Google’s email system” (you know what it is), or simply leave a comment here with info on how to get in touch with you.

If you want a recap of how Hoard of the Dragon Queen went for Adventure Co., feel free to check out my ongoing log of the sessions (although you’ll need to read them in reverse order because of the blogging platform).