Yep…Still in Velia; Times Scare.

Yep…Still in Velia; Times Scare.

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Yep…Still in Velia; Times Scare.

Yep…Still in Velia


I managed to get some time with Black Desert Online this weekend, although not as much as I’d like. Actually, scratch that: I spent a good amount of time taking advantage of the AFK mechanism to knock down some fishing quests. Fishing is a good money maker (if you’ve unlocked the proper nodes that allow you to sell for the full price or better), but I don’t really enjoy fishing, even AFK fishing. It’s still a time-sink because whether you’re actively fishing or passively fishing, you can’t do anything else. I guess that makes AFK fishing the only kind of fishing that’s worthwhile to do.

Oddly enough, I hadn’t unlocked the Coastal Cliff node, so I did so and got several fishing quests as a result. Between that guy, Crio, and Croix, I had a lot of fish to catch. Thankfully, they didn’t actually take them from me, so I could sell them. At the end of last week I bought the cheapest cart that was offered. This weekend, I earned enough money back to transfer my cash to a gold bar to get it out of my inventory (since currency adds to your inventory weight).

Another reason why I’m still kicking around Velia is because I’m starting to resent Daum for their design decision. Back when BDO launched, I lamented the lack of visible tutorials, and how you got a lot of combat help, but virtually no other help. Well, ask and you shall receive: Velia is Tutorial Town. Everyone you can talk to has something for you to learn, but a lot of it is staggered based on missions you have to complete to get to other missions. For example, I earned a free worker that I was supposed to put towards learning how to craft fishing poles, but I sent him out to mine iron instead. I had to rent more housing to accommodate an additional worker in order to craft those poles. After I did that, I got another mission to learn how to craft a raft. All of these missions resulted in my pissing through my hoard of contribution points to open other nodes for sales and harvesting, and to rent housing for these poor saps. I also started pumping Energy into Velia, since it seems like I’m going to be hanging out here for quite some time.

Times Scare

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In The Division news, Mindstrike, Bro-pique (my brother who has no social media presence and hence No Name, so he’s called Bro-pique), and myself jumped online on Saturday night to clean up the streets a bit. I had started out wanting to knock down all of the remaining missions and POI in the lower level areas like Chelsea and Hudson Yards, but it was mostly done so by the time the other two arrived we were looking for content. We opted to move further north to take on the “Relight Times Square” mission.

Holy hannah. Not only was that a decently long mission, but the end fight took us a good…mmmm….45 minutes or so? Several purples and yellows, and a whole stack of snipers in a place with no good cover resulted in a hell of a fight. Thankfully, we had prepared ahead of time (by accident) with some remote revive abilities which allowed us to help those who were unreachable on foot.

As much as it was a PITA at the time, it’s these one-off situations that make games worthwhile. Not just for the teamwork, but for the struggle and triumph at the end.

As an aside, I’m seeing a lot of people talking about “catching up” in terms of levels. The term “catching up” sounds to me like someone is harboring a feeling of being left behind, like there’s a tour group that’s getting all the info that the laggards are going to miss out on. As far as The Division is concerned, the only thing you get to reach at the end of your self-imposed sprint to 30 is the DZ, and for some people that’s the whole reason they play. But otherwise I don’t personally feel a need to “catch up” to anyone or for any reason. My view is that the season pass content is still a ways away, so worrying about the speed through which I’m consuming the current content is self-defeating. In the case of Destiny, I stopped playing in between content releases and when I went back to play the new stuff, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I’d moved on to other things and Destiny wasn’t on my radar with the same fervor it had been.

I’m only level 12 on the XB1, and level 8 or 9 on PC, and I’m OK with that. I spend XB1 time sometimes just logging in to collect resources and dealing with random mobs. In a way, it’s like how I’m approaching BDO: slow and methodical. I’m OK with not moving forward in certain ways, since I feel that there’s other ways I can move ahead (CP and cash in BDO, collecting resources and randomly dicking around in TD). It’s a kind of surreal place to be, mentally, since usually I do feel left behind, and sadder for it, in the games I play alongside other folks. This time, not so much. I’m OK if folks are blowing by me.