Nothing But Restlessness

Nothing But Restlessness

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Nothing But Restlessness
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So where did that leave me this weekend? Stardew Valley has already been deep-sixed. Thanks to Stargrace and her love of Wurm I installed Wurm Unlimited, cut down a tree, and decided that I wasn’t ready to invest the time in such a lengthy endeavour. I installed Civilization: Beyond Earth and played that for about three hours. I also installed Baldur’s Gate thanks to the notice of the release of the latest expansion some 2,000 years later. I didn’t buy the xpac, but enjoyed stomping around the old Sword Coast for a while. The real trick will be to see if I bother to return to either C:BE or BG at this point. I’ve now gotten Quantum Break (see below), so I’ll be entertained by that for about…as long as I manage to stay entertained. No idea how long that will be.

See, I have this idea in my head that I want something to invest in that would allow me to sit down and put my feet up while I leisurely enjoy my…leisure time. What I think it getting in the way is that A) I don’t have as much leisure time as I would require to get in that groove, and B) I think I’m tired of having all my stuff in the dark basement. It seems to be a kind of seasonal affective disorder. Whereas when I was younger the idea of being in a dark room to cover up all distractions was the ideal situation, now I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic and set-upon. I’ve never been an “outside person”, but I have nothing against the sunlight. I think I actually miss it, which is par for the course living in a place with four seasons.