Right Place, Wrong Time

Right Place, Wrong Time

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Right Place, Wrong Time

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You know there’s a “but”, don’t you? The “but” here is that I decided to jump on this game at the point where my interest in gaming has reached an all time low; like below-the-graph all time low. I doubt I’ll get back to this game any time soon because I only have the barest of desire to complete Quantum Break, and only play The Division now on PC on alternate Mondays when my local friends are available. In that, I feel really bad because I can’t write a glowing post about a game I’ve not really played at a time when I have no interest in playing any games, and if I tried to write something about the game beyond what I’ve already written, it would be half-assed for the sake of writing. That’s not a good public service to you, or to Mr. Hicks and his ambitious project.

So, then, my recommendation is that if you like space games that let you explore, harvest, build, and shoot, or like sandbox games without the survival genre conceits that are set in space (because we have so many of them!), now would be a great time to look in on Ascent: The Space Game while it’s at a paltry $17.99 on Steam. Support indie developers who aren’t making 8-bit side-scrolling platformers!