A Weekly Grab Bag for Apr 18, 2016

A Weekly Grab Bag for Apr 18, 2016

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A Weekly Grab Bag for Apr 18, 2016

Because I don’t have anything specific to fill a page with, I’m writing a weekly digest just to let the authorities know that I’m still alive.

Guild Wars 2 Mega Patch


From more simple days.

I’m kind of sad that the GW2 mega-patch addressing Heart of Thorns didn’t get more play on my SocioScope. The patch notes were apparently quite sizable, and I saw a lot of folks saying that many philosophical issues they had with HoT were being addressed in the update. I would have liked to see more of the old guard returning to GW2, because I think we all had a great time getting from 1 to cap, visiting all the dungeons, and completing the story. It’s such a good game! I don’t know why it doesn’t get more re-traction from the Elder Wombats.

I logged in briefly on patch day and wanted to see if I could actually progress past the point where I was stuck. I had to reach a story point, but there were too many enemies that were just too powerful. Turns out they were still there, but another player happened by and helped me out, allowing me to get on with the process. I found that I was a bit rusty when it comes to this game, because I died a few times while I was derping around trying to figure out how to kill stuff.

The Elder Scrolls Online


Pete and Scott of the Pete and Scott Show have been talking back and forth about their forays into TESO on XB1, which has forced that game back to the forefront of my consciousness. I have it on all three platforms, but for some reason it just never gelled for me on any platform for very long. I liked Skyrim well enough, but I only got to level 19 with one character before I was drawn away to…something else.

With my restlessness being what it is, though, I thought I’d fire it up on XB1 and see what’s what. I created a new character, a high elf Templar of the Daggerfall Covenant, and once again started through the initial load of quests.

That’s pretty much about it!

LAN Party



We’ve got our annual LAN of Confusion scheduled for April 30th. We try and have one a year because it’s semi-historical, and because it’s an excuse for everyone to come over to my house and drink if nothing else.

Of course this year we’ve got The Division to spend time with. We’ll be having six people, which means we’ll have to break out into two groups of three, although we have two people who have level 30 characters, and the rest of us are at or under 15, so we might end up with two high level players in one group, and everyone else in the other group.

We have a few other options, of course, but folks are so enthralled with The Division that I think everyone would be OK to get hammered and shoot firearms. And play games.