Scopique Plays – Balrum Pt 1: Basic Alchemy

Scopique Plays – Balrum Pt 1: Basic Alchemy

Balrum is an isometric, single player “survivalbox” RPG with a narrative component. I originally heard about this game from Jeremy Stratton of Zero Friction fame, and while I had held off on purchasing it, I decided to jump on it this weekend.

The game reminds me a lot of Spiderweb Software’s games such as Avernum and Avadon series, as well as the venerable Geneforge games. If you’re familiar with Spiderweb’s output, then you’ll find a lot to like in Balrum, and if you’re not as familiar, then this game might make you a fan.

I decided to start a “Let’s Play” series with Balrum to see if A) I could set it up well enough, and B) could stick with it. The game seems like a pretty natural fit because there’s a lot to do as a survivalbox game, and can be broken out into discrete “episodes” of activities.

This intro video is rather long (about 50 minutes), and hopefully future episodes will be limited down to 30 minutes. I’ll also try and drink some caffeine before I record the next video.

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