A Cold Day In Hell

A Cold Day In Hell

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A Cold Day In Hell

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The pit room was a bit of a conundrum, since the battle map didn’t reflect the the room’s description. The pit was shown, but the two arcing bridges on either side of the pit were not. This was when I wished Fantasy Grounds had a more robust map-markup system. I also continue to wish the player battle maps weren’t so damn large that they slow down the entire application whenever I try and draw on them. Everyone seemed really interested in the southern bridge, which happened to be the officially unstable bridge. Everyone who passed over that path had to make a roll, and while the first to party members got over without incident, I would have thought the requests to roll would have caused the rest of the group to think twice about following in their footsteps.

At the end of the night, not a hell of a lot was accomplished aside from exploring a few caves, but I guess that’s part of the game. I was continuously rolling on the random encounter table as the module required, but the conditions for an encounter are so narrow that I was concerned that the party was getting of a bit too easy. Still, this is technically the first mission of the module, and even though the party is close to the decade-level mark, more encounters aren’t necessarily better encounters. Plus, there’s a dragon somewhere in here; best they not waste their strength fighting minions.