The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out

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The Truth Comes Out

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From the perspective of the invisible, then, is there a benefit, or a downside to being all consumer and not an uberfan? Yes on both counts, I think. The benefit is that I’m sure the most extreme invisible gamers are far more sane than the rest of us strictly because they aren’t inhaling the fumes of Gamergate or whatever controversy the community is perpetually fermenting. Games don’t rile them up. But on the flip side, they only take what’s made available to them, and if they don’t like the pickings, then they get nothing — which is fine by them, of course, because it’s obvious that the most intense invisible gamer can take it or leave it. Unfortunately, their selection is created by the mercy of developers who can only acquiesce to those who shout the loudest, which is a specific way of saying “you can’t complain if you didn’t vote”. Again, I don’t think these invisible folks care because, well, they don’t care at the level where they’d care.

My logic is getting circular here, so I’m going to put a nail in this one. It’s an interesting perspective, and probably one that was understood but only in a “seen from the corner of your eye” kind of way. It’s hard to imagine that every single person who bought Call of Duty or Fallout 4 was a banner-carrying uberfan; if that were the case, gamers would be swarming over everything, everywhere, and anecdotal evidence shows that it is not the case. So there’s a bottom part of the iceberg to this hobby composed of people who just like to play video games but who don’t care to live video games like the rest of us do. There’s something very Zen in that, I think…1229 words into this video game themed post on this video game themed blog. I don’t think I’ve got the knack for being quite that mellow about the hobby, so I guess I’m not as invisible as I thought I might be.