Slowly But Surely with #Overwatch

Slowly But Surely with #Overwatch

I really do love Overwatch, which is funny because I was decidedly anti-Overwatch until it launched mainly because people were just going on and on and on and on and etc. about it. I saw it as mostly Blizzard-fawning because personally I didn’t find anything great about it. But this is really a case of why the idea of asking or expecting other people to “sell me on it” is a really piss-poor idea: there was absolutely nothing about the response of the community that “sold me”. It wasn’t until I decided to really give it a shot — an honest shot — that I learned to enjoy it.

Of course, nothing is 100% sunshine and rocket launchers. I’m still very much stuck in that terrifying rut that I spoke about in a previous post. I really like the game, I like playing the game, but I like playing the way I like playing, and not the way other people want me to play. I am a team player; I’m not a strategist to the point where I pour over grids and matrices to find the best counter to any and all characters, internalizing it to the point where I know it better than my own phone number. I log in, pick a character, try and remember their abilities, and do the best I can. But I am willing to “play my part” based on the role of the character I select. I’m not out to be the hero, and while PotG is great (as are the upvotes if I qualify), I’m there to enjoy myself, not to get recognized by strangers.

Thus far, I’ve only ever played vs AI matches because I think that’s an awesome feature, and the bots can get pretty brutal if you’re not paying attention. It’s a good way to test teamwork, and to test tactics against the limited characters that are available as bots. But of course it’s a false sense of security, since bots follow pre-programmed rules and won’t get spastic like real people will, and they will always GG you at the end. It does seem that most other vs AI players are either in the same boat as I am, or are just there to practice without pressure. No one seems to be really hell bent on causing anyone grief, and the experience has been really pleasant.

Eventually, I do want to get out into the real world, but that’s the deep end of the pool. Not only will there be more characters than are available in vs AI mode (which isn’t so much a concern, really), but that’s where you get the people, the ones who take the game way too seriously…almost like it’s how they get their daily dose of ego or something. Meanwhile, here’s me, still just wanting to have a fun time but certainly with eyes on the objective and attempting to play the character to the best of my ability. Sometimes, that’s never enough for some people who just have to shit all over everyone else. In the end I doubt I’ll ever come across those people again, but internally I don’t want to feel (or be made to feel) that I’m letting anyone down whether it’s true or just some asshole’s selfish opinion.

Last night I played with a friend, and we were testing some characters in a private game, and then in a vs AI game. We used the Reinhardt-Mercy tactic which works really well assuming Mercy can stay standing (and maintain situational awareness). In one round vs AI I tried my hand at honest healing with Mercy and it went fairly well: we only had one death which I think I lost track of and mis-rezed, but other than that I made sure to sweep the team and fill up any bars that were lacking before returning to Reinhardt to make sure he could keep bashing when his shield was down. I also decided that I’m not a fan of playing Tracer, no matter how much PR she appears in, and McCree was OK except for the fact that my trigger finger tends to be less than accurate with Fan the Hammer. And I think Junkrat is going to go into my favorites pool because he’s kind of fun.

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