Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ask and Ye Shall Receive


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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The one thing I do want to mention in closing is the repeated call-out regarding how Rare seems to be purposefully avoiding calling Sea of Thieves an “MMO”. This kind of throws fuel on my PR fire because unless this game is a lobby multiplayer game, then the features that are being meted out sure as hell sound like what we’d expect to see in an MMO. The point of contention, apparently, is this (from the MOP article):

Throughout my time watching and speaking with Rare’s Mike Chapman, I noticed a clear attempt to avoid the MMO label, acquistare nizoral which he mentioned as being a vague term these days, and that’s hard to argue against. Chapman thinks of MMOs as a series of abstracts and dice rolls…

get that people say “MMO” and think “World of Warcraft” but we’re moving into an era where specific labels no longer bound a specific box of features. We’ve got RPG features in Call of Duty, and story elements in DestinyAction RPGs are becoming more and more popular, which is something we’d normally get from plaformers.

Folks are really attached to traditional meanings for acronyms, but I think this is something we have to train ourselves away from. RPG means “role playing game”, which means “a game in which you play the role of a character”. With stories in first- and third-person shooters becoming de rigueur, you are totally taking on the role of a character and are more than just a silent tool of destruction (Doom notwithstanding). So when I see words like “persistant world” and “sandbox”, and hear talk about mechanics that can help friends and hinder enemies, I think MMO. More importantly, though, MMO means “massive multiplayer online”, which on its face means “a whole lot of people playing in the same online space at the same time”. If that’s what Sea of Thieves offers, then it’s totally an MMO, regardless of the traditional connotations.