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Kick The Can Down The Road

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Kick The Can Down The Road

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Unfortunately the encampment of the same name wasn’t anywhere near as impressive, being a haphazard mess of tents and carts and easily collapsable centers of opportunity that were the only sign of commerce within a few hundred miles. The party ended up at what passed for an inn, and took a few moments to rest.

+   +   +

It’s been about two weeks since we’ve played, due to Various Reasons. It was a heck of a place to have left the action, though: Maccath had just burned down the inn room door to confront the party over her stolen property, with the party having been caught red handed.

As this was an off-the-books aside, I was a bit concerned. The party seemed rather smug in their decision to try and keep these books from Maccath, and appeared ready to fight her for them. Maccath-as-written was not a formidable adversary, and would have been an easy target for the party. However, there were a few considerations. First, I figured that after spending a few years soaking in the arcane knowledge of those tomes, there’s no way Maccath would be such a push-over. I contemplating jacking her up significantly, almost epicly, because she had to have gained some significant power from those books. But that was the Option of Last Resort, because Lerustah was present and while he wasn’t hired to be the group’s nursemaid, the Council had retained him to assist the party, so blowing up the town of Ironmaster — which is part of his livelihood, by the way — wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest. Lastly, the party really just wanted to let the Council decide what to do with the books, so even if they’d killed Maccath, the Council would have seen fit to return them to the Brotherhood anyway. The net result was that everyone would have gotten what they wanted in the end, except that the party would have gotten in a heap of trouble for striking down a student of the Brotherhood and potentially jeopardizing the alliance between the mages and the Council. Frume would have been pleased, but the rest of the Council would have had second thoughts on the fitness of the party to not go all Lethal Weapon on the situation.

We had a bit of an interlude where we worked with FG and the Party Inventory. The group had a whole lot of gems from Oyaviggaton, and they liquidated that for a heap of gold. A few folks went shopping for some minor upgrades, but overall everyone opted to save their pennies for retirement (I’m guessing).

As I was writing this post, I had to look up some info on the scenario and learned that the place where I dropped the players on the way to Boareskyr Bridge wasn’t the correct location. I’m not sure that it matters, really, except that my geography sucks, because the party will be moving on soon anyway to a place where there’s no ambiguity of location.