I Know Nothing; Underground

I Know Nothing; Underground

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Editorial, Featured

I Know Nothing; Underground

I Know Nothing

OK, look, Internet. I love you. We have a pretty good relationship you and I, having grown up together and all that. I remember when  you could barely render a graphic, and then there was that whole awkward MySpace phase you went through. Even still, we’ve gotten along well in the past and I really thought we were friends (like, real friends, not fake Facebook friends just so we could check out each other’s embarrassing pictures), but I feel that lately we’re drifting apart.

I’m not even sure I know you any more. You’re off hanging out with people I’ve never met, and you seem really OK with talking around me with these memes and veiled conversations that you’re not owning up to “because you don’t want to post spoilers”. I’m a bit confused about where we stand these days, and I’m worried that some day soon I won’t be able to participate in any conversation you’re having, because I’m not included in whatever clique you’re running with these days.

Because I value our relationship, I’m taking a bullet. I’m going to start at the start, and watch Game of Thrones. Yeah, I know I had originally started it without you, but I lost interest back in season one. I don’t blame you for keeping with it; that’s who you are. But I want to have conversations with you like we used to have, and I guess I can’t do that unless I catch up on whatever the fuck this “hold the door” meme is all about.

I’m doing this for you, Internet, because I care.


The first major bit of DLC for The Division has arrived, the Underground content which apparently allows you to head into the suuubbbb…sewers…way…or something. Something under the ground.

I didn’t pre-order a season pass for TD because back early on I wasn’t sure where people would be playing. I had put it to a vote among my friends and all of the Xbox One players said that they’d be playing. None of my PC brethren seemed interested at the time so I picked it up for XB1. Then my PC friends found religion, so I bought it again and we ended up playing there more frequently.

But there’s something about the game that just doesn’t do it for me any more. I played through the beta twice, consuming all the content it had to offer (sans the Dark Zone) and loved it, but that might have contributed to a burn out. I play when my friends play on Monday, since it’s become their “go to” game, but I can’t bring myself to click the icon any other time during the hiatus.

The problem with Underground is that if I want to continue to play with them on Mondays, I’m going to have to buy it. I could spend the $15 just for this content, but later on when other content is released I’ll have to pay more. And then more again, as many times as Ubi decides to release some new zone or feature that isn’t standard for existing owners. It would be more mathematically sound to invest in the season pass, but that’s a lot of money to spend on something I only play for two hours every two weeks or so.

Of course, I’ve spent more on games that I’ve never played (relevant during this year’s Summer Steam Sale), or played only a little of (looking at you, ArcheAge Founder’s Pack!). Still, my meh-ness about The Division coupled with the notion of spending money just seems like a losing proposition this time around.