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A Pair of Dicks

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This session rendered almost 1000 words, and could have generated more if A) I wanted to be more explicit, and B) could remember everything that happened. Suffice to say, it was quite eventful, a lot got done while also very little got done, and the party progressed quite well through a dungon which I had thought might end up being the end of the team.

This session turned out to be a great case of careful application of situational awareness and quick thinking, from blasting the bone-sphere back up the hallway with Thunderwave to the application of historical knowledge and relatively light puzzle-solving. It was good to see the party thinking in-character, choosing and using their skills, and bringing a little of the game system to the table. I’ve always maintained that TRPGs are free-form structures that allow you to use or discard as much or as little of the rules as you like, but at the end of the day the mechanics exist to model Nature, Chance, and prevent automatic successes on every effort, so while we pick and choose, using the mechanics certainly can lead to some otherwise unforeseen situations and cement success.

On the other hand, the party didn’t spend a lot of time in one place for very long. Granted, this tomb seems well picked-over and there’s not a lot going on. They group didn’t spend time with the library spirit, and although they joked about it, no one made any move to take anything from the treasure pile in the throne room. I think part of the reason is because we picked up a new player since last week, and the party might have been (consciously or subconsciously) trying to get to the point in the story where he appears. I’ve got him placed within this map, but he might show up next week if the party reaches that spot. Gina the dwarven fighter was taken over by another player who unfortunately has an erratic schedule that prevents him from being a regular player, but was welcomed in this week all the same. WA joke was made about how characters have been swapped for new characters so often that no one bothers to address the discrepancy, kind of like the switching between Dick York and Dick Sargent on Bewitched. 

And now the post title makes sense!