Abandon All Hope

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Editorial

I’ve decided to abandon all creative hobbies that I have been trying to undertake. I know you need to know this information, so there it is.

It’s not a lack of want, but I think it’s a lack of motivation, which is kinda like want, but with an engine behind it. Before, it’s been a case of wanting to have the results for myself, but that’s becoming increasingly irrelevant considering the time it’ll take to get those results, leading me to believe that were I able to complete a project, I wouldn’t really care to have it once it’s done. I’m primarily talking about working with Unity, 3D modeling, the In The Car videos, etc. I’ve already been slacking off on the blog here, and I expect that schedule to continue, but I’m going to at least keep this operational, because now and then I like writing stuff, but only now or then.

It’s a painful decision because I’ve always wanted to create stuff, but I have to come to grips with the reality that I’m not very talented, or at least not talented enough to consider any attempts to be worthwhile, especially in the face of what other people are doing in similar veins. I care, but I guess I don’t care enough.

I’m going to take down the sections of the site which are dedicated to the game development and 3D modeling, and will be altering the site to remove the streaming and In The Car adverts. I’ll probably also clean up the YouTube channel and remove the In The Car videos as well, because if nothing else I like to clean things.